A Tydi-er Process

Tydi is your one stop closet shop, from design to installation.

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Tydi Closet Questionnaire on phone

Step 1: Closet Quiz

We’ll ask you about your closet(s), goal(s), and style so that we can match you with a personal design expert. This person will be your guide from the first call through the install.

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Step 2: Measurements

After the quiz, we’ll give you instructions for how to measure your closet and send dimensions to us.

Woman measuring closet with tape measure
Woman on a computer during a Tydi closet design session

Step 3: Design Session

Once we have your quiz and measurements, you’ll have a call or video chat with your designer to iron out all the features and styles of your new closet.

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Step 4: 3D Review

Within 24 hours of the design session, we’ll share a 3D, photorealistic render of your closet for you to review and approve. If you need to make some edits, no problem!

3D review of a closet design on computer
Tydi Calendar

Step 5: Booking

You’ll sign an agreement and pay a 50% deposit to schedule your installation. Most of the time, we’ll be able to install approximately 14 days later!

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Step 6: Installation

We assign a Tydi-trained installation pro in your area so you don’t have to worry about finding the right person for the job. All you have to do is empty your closet, sit back, and enjoy your completely transformed closet! Most jobs are completed within a matter of hours.

Installation of a Tydi closet

Closet Quiz

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